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Fixing the PC problems that always happen at the wrong time. We understand it always seems to happen right when you took those new family photos, or have a deadline at work.

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Reparing PCs in Rockingham, NC

How much work time is your PC costing you? How many family photos might you lose if it’s starting to fail? If it’s not loading programs or bringing up popups, do you really want to lose your money to an identity thief’s malware? Some of the problems a broken PC can cause include:

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Our technicians understand your frustrations.

We make sure these PC problems don’t halt your life.

PC Viruses & Malware

Accidentially clicking an email, music downloads, or purchases from an unsecured website. All of these can cause a malware infection allowing hackers to steal your money.

Overheating/Loud PCs

Tons of people never take a look inside their computer. Generally they are in SHOCK at how much dirt and dust can get in there. If your computer is running hard or loud. Bring it in for a full cleaning and cooling system.

Won't Turn On

Sometimes a power supply burns out. If a lightening storm burns it out, or it's just worked hard for so long. We can diagnose the problem, save your data, and put in a brand new power supply that will last longer.

Blue Screens of Death

Everone HATES the blue screen of death, and it's something we have all experienced. Our diagnostics can determine what part, or program caused the issue and fix it.

Slow Loading Times

Many PC and Apple usersdon't understand why their computer is running slow. Software updates, you save more on it, and age can cause the computer to slow down. We can increase memory and storage to get it back up to speed.

General PC Troubleshooting

If you have any other issue that isn't listed don't hesitate to contact us. If the computer isn't booting, keyboards mice and printers not working, or programs failing. We can run diagnostics to determine what in the world is happening.

What Our Clients Say

We make life easier for our clients. We keep your PCs working, and that means you don’t miss work, lose documents, or those important family photos.

I reached out to All Computer Needs because I wanted assistance building a custom computer utilizing the latest high end components all housed in a flashy LED glass case. They were able to source hard to get components (RTX 3090) when it was out of stock at nearly every retail store or online for normal consumers.

ACN assembled the computer and even sent me pictures and videos of the process. Once complete, they sent it to my house in California in safe secure packaging with all the supporting documentation and a form showing that it was tested and benchmarked before shipping.

I received it, hooked it up and it started without any issues. They even called me to follow up and walked me through the overclocking process for free. Great company. Great service. I am looking forward to them building my next one.
Michael o.
Dublin, CA
Chris is very knowledgeable and was able to resolve our computer issues. He also offered suggestions to upgrade our system. He was also very personable. Would highly recommend.
Deborah D.
Petersburg, VA
Chris is quick, efficient, and reasonably priced. I am definitely recommending for others to use this company.
Jackie L.
Hopewell, VA
My project went exceptionally well! The company was very responsive in communicating with me and working through my problem efficiently and successfully. I recommend them without reservation!
Thomasine J.
Richmond, VA

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Quality Computer Parts

You aren’t going to get cheap parts from China here. We only deal with the best, most well known brands. That way you know your computer isn’t only being worked on by the best technicians, but quality parts are being put in it.

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Computer Knowledge

We have a combined 10 years experience working with computers and tech. 2 of them being professional with great reviews to our name. We want to put that knowledge to work for you. Let’s work together and get your family or business up and running. 


Beside all those years of hands on experience. We also require certifications or degrees from our technicians. With years of computer science, and information technology under our belt we are always learning the latest technology news. That way you get the best. 

Client Satisfaction

This one speaks for itself. You can look up our reviews here. Or see them on our website. We strive for your satisfaction now matter what service we are providing. Our desire is to maintain that level of confidence and happiness for everyone in the Chesterfield area.