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A PC Upgrade Service That Keeps Your Computer From Ever Slowing Down

Our PC upgrade service will keep your home and business computers running so well other people will wonder how you are getting so much work done!

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Tiamba Wilkerson
Tiamba Wilkerson
Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable. Explained everything he was doing as he did it so I understood what was happening, and solved my problem quickly.
Laura Claggett
Laura Claggett
We ran into a issue with our network. They were able to come out and find the issue with one of the cords. They were able to replace the bad cord with a new one. Definitely will recommend them.
Cindi Dickens
Cindi Dickens
Excellent, professional service! Chris set up our entire computer/video/projector system, explained everything to us so we knew what he was doing and explained it in terms we could understand. He took a long time to show us how to operate everything as well.
Chris gave me excellent service. He was very informative. we would recommend his service to anyone. Very grateful for his help.
Laurie McAleenan
Laurie McAleenan
Today was my first encounter with All Computer Needs, and it left me impressed. Not just because they were able to help me solve my laptop issues, but with their exceptional customer service. I received a prompt response to my message, along with a patient and pleasant attitude. Their services and fees were expressed clearly and politely. After listening to my computer issues, they instructed me to take some first steps before scheduling an appointment. I appreciated their willingness to do this. I highly recommend them and plan to use them again in the near future.
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez
I am very pleased with the experience I received. Great communication, explained the issues and how it was fixed, excellent customer service! I would 100% recommend them to friends and family without a doubt!
Ariana Roco
Ariana Roco
super helpful and fast! was able to explain to me what happened and why it did happen. super nice guy and even took off his shoes in my house hahaha! love them!
pat hall
pat hall
They helped with replacing a bad hard drive. They made recommendations based off my needs.
chris hall
chris hall
They did a great job setting up my extender. I will use when I am in need.

Is Your PC Slow Or Running Out of Storage Space?

Sometimes as PCs age they slow down. Or you might have a PC that won’t run the new programs or games you want. If it shows these signs you might require upgrades to the computer’s storage, memory, or graphics. Computer upgrades can be needed if: 

PC Upgrade Service Richmond VA
When your PC is slow or not responding, you need to upgrade it. All Computer Needs will make it fast again.

PC Upgrade Service In Richmond, VA

How Much Do You Hate These Computer Situations?

Computers hold all our valuable data.
If yours is slow or won't load, it can really peak your frustration.
Here are some of the reasons your PC has become slow.

Too Many Internet Add-Ons

Sometimes when you download software, the program adds an extension to your internet browser. These can sometimes be hidden and cause bloat that slows down your internet searches.

Failing Hard Drive

Your hard drive saves all your information. All of them fail eventually, but upgrading to a solid state drive (SSDs), which have no moving parts, are less likely to break down. Oh, and they load things faster.

Too Many Programs

When you're trying to do too many things at one time, the computer can become slow or crash. This means you need to upgrade your RAM, or Random Access Memory.

Too Many Browser Tabs

When your computer is aging, has a failing hard drive, or doesn't have enough RAM, opening too many browser tabs can make it slow. This can be frustrating when your job needs you to have a lot of them open.

Viruses & Malware!

Having antivirus and anti malware is important, but some of them steal a lot of the computers processing power. Sometimes you need to upgrade to a better program, or a virus has already infiltrated your computer.

Dust & Dirt

When your computer sits in a dusty area, it can get into the air vents and cause problems. You could also be using the computer on a bed where it can't cool down. Overheating can cause the hardware to not run well.

Don't Waste Your Money Buying A New Computer When You Have Our PC Upgrade Services

We Make Sure You Avoid PC Slowdowns And
Keep It Running In Top Condition

We know how frustrating it is to have a slow or unresponsive PC. We do all the upgrades you might need so you don’t have to buy a new one. Oh, and if you’re not located in Richmond, VA, don’t worry! Our mobile PC technicians will come service your computer.

Power Supplies

Power Supplies are the box that connects your PC to the wall. They are built to only handle a certain amount of components in the computer. If you are upgrading hard drives, graphics cards, or more. You might need a power supply designed to handle the additions.

Hard Drives

The hard drive is what stores all of your files. It saves programs, documents, photos, videos, and everything you want to keep long term. Older computers use a spinning disk that can easily break, and not load very quickly when handling newer programs. We can upgrade you to hybrid drives, or solid-state drives to make the PC fly.


Are you a big multitasker? If you need a lot of internet browsers to open or work on different programs at once the computer can suddenly get slow, or choke up. Memory helps assist with this situation. The more memory, the more the computer can handle at one time.

Graphics Cards

Want to start gaming and have an older PC? Maybe you got a new job and have to download more powerful graphics software. All Computer Needs knows graphics cards and uses NVIDIA and AMD to make sure you have the best quality. These graphics cards won’t be outdated anytime soon.


Not a computer whiz and don’t know why your programs aren’t working? Microsoft office, Adobe, got you down? Bring in the PC and we can ensure that your software programs are up to date. We can even check if your drivers are up to date when Microsoft releases an update and breaks everything.


There are tons of parts inside a PC. You could need something not listed such as a motherboard or processor. Just contact us and we will provide you with quality service and get your PC running the way you want it to.

With Our PC Upgrade Service

People Will Be Jealous You Always Have A Fast Computer

We Upgrade A Wide Range Of Computer Brands

These are the main brands that we see each day. If you don’t see your brand of desktop or laptop computer, just give us a call. The internal components are the same and we can fix it!

The official logo of Dell. All Computer Needs in Richmond, VA repairs Dell laptops and desktop computers.


Dell has one of the most well known PC companies for the last 25 years. They have many different lines of computers ranging from their XPS laptops, Dell Latitude Series, and of course, the Inspirion. They own the gaming PC company Alienware, and build some powerful workstations. Dell is the brand we do tons of repairs on for families and businesses here in Richmond, VA. Especially since they do a lot of bulk desktop purchases for offices.

The official logo of Asus. All Computer Needs in Richmond, VA repairs Asus laptops and desktop computers.


A lot of people have not heard of Asus. Asus has started to become much better known in the last decade or so. But, Asus is actually the leading manufacturer of motherboards. A lot of the other popular computer brands you buy actually have Asus motherboards inside them. As the brand is becoming more popular, more and more people and businesses are purchasing Asus desktops. Especially, if they deal with video and graphics.

The official logo of Lenovo. Lenovo manufactures laptops and desktop PCs. All Computer Needs repairs Lenovo laptops and desktops.


Do you remember IBM? Of course you do. Did you know that Lenovo is IBM? In 2005 Lenovo bought the IBM PC brand. They are the purveyor of workhorse, industrial laptops. We repair a lot of Lenovo laptops for workers who are working remotely, and in multiple locations. These computers have a history of being ugly, but they are built to be sturdy. The only problem is when you're travelling around and working, accidents still happen.

Hewlett Packard official logo. We repair your HP Laptop and Desktop computers.


Hewlett-Packard is well known for their printers, but besides Dell, they are probably the best known PC brand we see for repairs. It's not because the computers are bad, but because so many people own them. Tons of families use their all-in-one computers, printers, and other devices. So thanks to the heavy use, they are generally in need of upgrades to keep fast. You might want our local computer technicians to work on your computer as their online support only received a 63 out of 100 rating.

The official logo of Alienware. Alienware builds gaming laptops and desktop PCs. All Computer Needs repairs Alienware computers.


Probably the least known computer brand you have seen. Alienware is dedicated to the gaming computer industry. They are owned by Dell, and build laptop and desktop computers. One of the main reasons you might need your Alienware repaired by us here in Richmond vs. sending it away. When your computer is your main form of entertainment, it will be torture going without it for 3 - 4 weeks....While also risking the shipping damage. We will come to you for the repairs.

Acer is a manufacturer of laptop and desktop computers. All Computer Needs in Richmond, VA repairs Acer PCs.


Acer is based in Taiwan and they don't just build laptops and desktop computers. Acer produces smart cameras, virtual reality, smart phones, and web servers. We do a lot of repairs on Acer laptops. In fact, if you Google if they are good you will hear they are highly rated, but could do better. Acer produces a lot of budget computers which means a lot of students carry them around. But, the trade off is the less storage space, and older processors slow down quickly and require upgrades.

Some More Brands We Can Upgrade

Upgrading Computers in Richmond, VA

We Keep Your Computers Running Fast So You Avoid Buying New Ones

With Our Richmond Computer Upgrade Services

Never Worry About PC Problems Again

Affordable Pricing

Don’t spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars at Geek Squad. We’ll fix your PC and provide IT service at a fraction of the price.

On Location Service

Don’t lug your PCs to a shop, then have the shop ship them away for repairs. Our mobile IT service comes to your home or business!

Easy & Fast

We offer on-location and remote IT services. Just contact us, set up a free consultation, and we’ll be there. You’ll be up and running fast.

With Our Local PC Upgrade Services

Your Computer Won't Stop You From Working Again!

We Don't Just Repair Computers

Since the coronavirus hit Richmond, VA, and the metro area, the working world has been turned upside down. There’s more schoolwork being done at home, larger entertainment needs, and business is being conducted by remote at an ever increasing rate. Having your computers and technology working is an essential need more than ever.

Home Tech Support

Our company specializes in keeping your household running. Bills are paid online, entertainment comes from electronics, some people do video editing for YouTube, and we all have kids with schoolwork or projects the boss has us bring home. What’s even better is we’re mobile, which means you never have to leave the couch. We can come to you, or fix problems remotely. With a custom IT Tech Support plan for your home here in Richmond, you never have to fear your computers not working.

We Only Upgrade PCs With High-Quality Parts

With High-Quality Parts, Your Computers Will Last Longer

What Our Clients Say

We make life easier for our clients. We keep your PCs working, and that means you don’t miss work, lose documents, or those important family photos.

I reached out to All Computer Needs because I wanted assistance building a custom computer utilizing the latest high end components all housed in a flashy LED glass case. They were able to source hard to get components (RTX 3090) when it was out of stock at nearly every retail store or online for normal consumers.

ACN assembled the computer and even sent me pictures and videos of the process. Once complete, they sent it to my house in California in safe secure packaging with all the supporting documentation and a form showing that it was tested and benchmarked before shipping.

I received it, hooked it up and it started without any issues. They even called me to follow up and walked me through the overclocking process for free. Great company. Great service. I am looking forward to them building my next one.
Michael o.
Dublin, CA
Chris is very knowledgeable and was able to resolve our computer issues. He also offered suggestions to upgrade our system. He was also very personable. Would highly recommend.
Deborah D.
Petersburg, VA
Chris is quick, efficient, and reasonably priced. I am definitely recommending for others to use this company.
Jackie L.
Hopewell, VA
My project went exceptionally well! The company was very responsive in communicating with me and working through my problem efficiently and successfully. I recommend them without reservation!
Thomasine J.
Richmond, VA

It's Easy to Upgrade Your PC With All Computer Needs

1) Contact Us

Contact All Computer Needs and set up a free phone call, or in home consultation.

2) Assessment

We'll come out to your home or business to assess the situation and provide a quote.

3) Back To Work

After we assess the situation. We upgrade the computer and you're back to working!

Our Richmond PC U[[grade Service is for Everyone!!

Our Goal For Helping You

Bear with us here. At All Computer Needs, we know you want your PCs to work. You want to have technology at home and at your business so life is made easier.

In order to have that you need to have fast, reliable computer upgrades services so you don’t have to spend tons of money buying a new one.

The problem is when PCs stop slow down, you have to trek to a Geek Squad and pay expensive prices for their services. Plus, you’re generally without the computer for a while replace the parts and upgrade it.

This is terrible because it makes you feel STRESSED because you’re missing out on work or other things you need to get done.

All Computer Needs believes no one should feel this way. We understand how hard it is as computer owners ourselves.

That’s why all our technicians are A+ certified and provide services that make things easy for you.

Here’s how it works. 1) Contact us 2) Get a free consultation 3) Your computers or technology issues will be fixed, FAST.

Stop feeling stress over tech. We’ll make you and your PCs happy!

PC Upgrade Service FAQ

If you don’t see the answer to a question you have, feel free to contact us.

On average a computer technician will cost $60.00 an hour for labor plus parts. All computer needs prides itself on affordable pricing. Our average for hourly rate is lower, and we generally charge prices based on the situation with the computer. This makes us much more affordable than the average computer technician or IT support company.

Check out Homeguides blog post for more information on computer repair costs.

On average a computer repair should be cheaper than the cost of buying an entirely new PC. However, if the cost is going to be more than half of what the PC is worth, than it’s probably time to buy a new one. It’s best to consider the age and upgradeability of the damaged one to see if it’s worth repairing. Luckily, we offer free consultations when you contact us. All Computer Needs values honestly and will even build you a new computer that won’t break the bank.

Replacing the motherboard is a difficult answer to give. The motherboard is what everything in the machine is attached too, and it’s the most expensive repair (besides laptop screens). You could replace a motherboard for as cheap as $150 dollars, or for a price higher than the computer originally cost. Generally, if your computer requires one of the more expensive ones, than replacement is the better answer. 

Our mobile technicians come straight to your home or business to repair PCs, provide IT services, and more. Our vehicles come loaded with high-quality parts to repair most computer problems. If it’s something we can do on the spot, you will be back up and running THAT DAY. If it requires more extensive repair, we always order parts as quickly as possible so you aren’t without it long.

For information on how long it takes Geek Squad to repair a PC vs. our turnaround time check out this forum on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bestbuy/comments/caj0fj/how_long_does_laptop_repair_usually_take/